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As a leader in educational technology , Binogi allows students to study and learn from over 1,000 curriculum-based animated lessons in their language of choice

Personalized Learning

Students learn at their own pace with our short, animated video lessons that help make any subject interesting. Testing their knowledge with our interactive quizzes.

Available in 10 Languages

Understanding the multicultural needs of Canadians students and new citizens, the lessons are currently available in 10 languages including French, Swedish, Arabic, Tigrinya, Dari, Somali, Finnish, and German.

As Canadian students continue to struggle throughout the pandemic, Binogi is leading the charge by offering free access to its interactive learning platform.

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Help your child build a solid understanding in math, science, economics and more. Binogi's unique video-based learning platform, makes learning fun and engaging.  

Over 1,000 curriculum-based animated lessons

Animated Videos Make Learning Fun & Engaging

The films are the heart of Binogi. Complicated contexts are explained simply, fun and pedagogically with the help of clear examples and everyday situations. Both audio and subtitles are available in several different languages. The combination of sound, image, context and text makes it easier for students to absorb and understand.

Trusted by over a million students worldwide. 
Binogi has been endorsed by leading Canadian educators and researchers

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“ We are stepping up to help Canadians by offering our inclusive educational app for free into Spring, so that every student can receive the support they need. We are proud to offer this new form of edutainment for all students.”  

Linus Gunnarson, CEO of Binogi

“ One important feature is that Binogi levels the playing field for students, especially for those that may have greater learning needs.  

Catherine Connorsformer teacher and curriculum leadership consultant with 32-years of experience with the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB)

Interactive Lesson Quizzes

Each subject film includes quizzes in three levels of difficulty. The questions encourage students to reach the knowledge goals in a playful way, while stimulating independent learning. For each quiz answered, students collect points, which is a fun and engaging way to gain new knowledge.